Gugma Gaia Joins Kampbataan 2016

It’s not everyday that we get the invitation to speak in front of the brightest, most dynamic teens from around the city, so when YATTA (Youth Advocates Through Theater Arts) invited us to facilitate a session on the environment for Kampbataan 2016, of course we couldn’t say no. The campers talked, sang, and performed their way through a wide range of issues ranging from air pollution to marine biodiversity to waste/plastic management, ending the session with their individual pledges for the planet. And if their enthusiasm and determination are any indication, it looks like our future is in very good (colorful) hands.

Earth-loving, compassionate, nature teens with a message.

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Til the next Kampbataan!


 Anak sa Kinaiyahan Eco Camp

Gugma Gaia held a day-camp earth school for kids age 6-14 years old at Liptong Woodland at the foothills of Mount Talinis. The kids explored and appreciated nature; experienced their creative gifts through art expressions; and nurtured their loving-kindness for our home planet Earth.


After a fun jeepney ride, the first time for many of the campers, they were welcomed by Ate Che who gave them a quick rundown of the day’s activities and camp rules.



You can’t leave Liptong Woodland without a guided tour by Tatay Ete himself.



During the tour, the campers were encouraged to pick up objects around the forest for the Found Object Art Workshop.



The artists with their masterpiece…thanks Ate Jana!



Volunteers Kuya Vaughn and Ate Camille shared some of the things kids can do for Mama Earth. Some of the campers even pitched in tips of their own.


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Thank you kids for spending the day with us and with nature.

Now, go out there and spread the love!


A Talk on Philippine Art

Gugma Gaia organized an instant teach-in on Philippine Art History with students of Herminigilda Flores Gloria Memorial High School in Dumaguete City on February 7, 2016.

Students from Grade 7 to 10 were in attendance to learn about our own Art History – from Pre-Colonial to the 21st Century Contemporary Art. They were also introduced to the list of National Artists in the Philippines including the two art-bearers from Dumaguete City: National Artist for Literature, Dr. Edith L. Tiempo and National Artist for Film, Sir Eddie Romero.

Creative visionary artist, Raz Salvarita, did the talk on Philippine Art History – a brief immersion on art education highlighting the works of leading artists that shaped the creative landscape in the country.

With the support of the school principal, Mr. Claudio Sun, the teach-in was an effective contribution to inculcate arts appreciation among the students and support their desire to pursue the creative arts.

National Arts Month is celebrated in the Philippines every February pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 683 issued in 1991 with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) as the primary agency for the development and preservation of Filipino art and culture.

For the month of the Arts, Gugma Gaia has been offering educational lectures and served as arts consultant for the Dagit Arts Fest: Celebrating Creative Communities – an Arts and Crafts Fair and promoting homegrown Music Culture and Fashion Design. The Arts Fest is led by the Provincial Office of the Department of Trade and Industry in Negros Oriental. You may visit their site:

“Peace’ta sa Woodland: Kalinaw, Kalipay alang sa atong Kinaiyahan”

Gugma Gaia Festival 2015

Peace is a precious state of being; a key source for a harmonious community. Peace begins in you and me – and together, we expand its frequency to the world. When peace is held in the heart, healing occurs within and around us. Let’s join together and sing, make art, laugh, dance, and live life in peace.

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We remember September as a month to uphold Global Peace – with the 21st as the Day of Peace. Yet we know that ‘peace’ must be a lived experience daily to fully realize its essential nature. However, there is a call of the tribe to gather for a day and commemorate the spirit of Peace together as one huemanity.

The foothills of Mt. Talinis bore witness to the communion of beautiful people, celebrating music, art, learning, creativity, oneness, and peace.

“The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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