Who We Are | Gugma Gaia is a collective initiative led by passionate individual volunteers who collaborate with members of the arts and environmental advocate communities. Gugma Gaia is dedicated to awaken earth-consciousness in every being and promoting holistic approaches on environmental education.

What We Do | Gugma Gaia aims to co-create a shifting tide of inspired positive change within the local and global community through our volunteer advocates geared with compassion and talents in the art, music, film, photography. We foresee a healthy and a living planet fully respected and loved by huemanity.

Our Mission | Gugma Gaia’s mission is to encourage deeper respect and love for planet Earth – for harmony and sustainability – by undertaking holistic approaches that encourage proactive environmental actions and sustainable practices.

  • To promote environmental programs that will inform, activate, and inspire students and community citizens to be responsible pilgrims on this planet.
  • To create environmental educational presentations – using creative approaches through visual exhibitions, music, performances, and filmmaking.
  • To mentor young environmental advocates to become environmentally-conscious leaders.

We are open to collaborate with like-minded organizations and to gain generous support to further our outreach programs.