Anak sa Kinaiyahan Eco Camp

Gugma Gaia held a day-camp earth school for kids age 6-14 years old at Liptong Woodland at the foothills of Mount Talinis. The kids explored and appreciated nature; experienced their creative gifts through art expressions; and nurtured their loving-kindness for our home planet Earth.


After a fun jeepney ride, the first time for many of the campers, they were welcomed by Ate Che who gave them a quick rundown of the day’s activities and camp rules.



You can’t leave Liptong Woodland without a guided tour by Tatay Ete himself.



During the tour, the campers were encouraged to pick up objects around the forest for the Found Object Art Workshop.



The artists with their masterpiece…thanks Ate Jana!



Volunteers Kuya Vaughn and Ate Camille shared some of the things kids can do for Mama Earth. Some of the campers even pitched in tips of their own.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Thank you kids for spending the day with us and with nature.

Now, go out there and spread the love!


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