Gugma Gaia

Gugma Gaia is a collective initiative led by passionate individual volunteers who collaborate with fellow environmental advocates and artists. Gugma Gaia is dedicated to uplift earth-conscious awareness and promoting holistic, creative approaches on environmental education.

‘Gugma’ means love and ‘Gaia’ stands for the spirit of the Earth.

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We are one with Nature. We can never be separate from where we came from – because we are composed of the elements that form the creation of the Earth and beyond. Gugma Gaia stands as vanguard for the protection and conservation of our planet. It is our nature to love and respect the very Nature that nurtures our lives.

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ARTivism is fusion of art and activism. A form of non-violence creative action that frontlines a powerful visual impact in any campaign advocacy. We believe in the language of art – visually, in melody, or the authenticity of movement. We adhere to the VDay Movement’s Core Belief: “Art has the power to transform thinking and inspire people to act.”


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Our creative approach in environmental education serves well our purpose of extracting wisdom and traditional knowledge from our elders and local champions on environmental and cultural traditions. We nurture artistic intergenerational advocacy because we believe in the power of compassion that exists in each other.